Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation activities on strengthening legality in the ecology sphere

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Doctor of Law, Professor, Head of the Department at the Research Institute at the Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation.


In the present article, author in detail considers questions connected with global environmental problems. Statistics of recorded ecological crimes in all country for the last seven years is given. Article contains the review on violations in ecological sphere in the subjects of Russian Federation. Considerable work on the ecological offenses identification and suppression, accountability of perpetrators and collecting fees for the caused ecological and material damage with application of all measures of public prosecutor's reaction are reveals. Author conducted analysis of available information, allowing to draw conclusion, that violations of water, ecological, forest legislation have universal and mass character. Regulations of all levels of authorities and jurisprudence for the last decade are investigated and analyzed. Measures and responsibility of producers on GMO use in food after entry of Russian Federation into the WTO are lightened separately.


environmental problems, public prosecutor's supervision, WTO, Russian Federation, GMO, pollution of atmospheric air, federal legislation, use of forbidden agrochemicals, daily monitoring of situation, prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation, ecological offenses.


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