European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States: Comparative Legal Analysis of Mechanisms of Integration

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Doctor of Law, Professor at the Department of International Law of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.


Article "European Union and Commonwealth of Independent States: Comparative Legal Analysis of Mechanisms of Integration" is devoted to the analysis of those norms in laws of both integration communities which allow to define their legal nature. Integration process within the CIS unlike European is less difficult, as by number of spheres to be integration, and on the volume of powers to be delegated. As a bases of the legal mechanism of integration analyzes in both cases was the mechanism of decision-making, which in turn depends on the extent of powers delegation in various aspects of integration. European integration process is characterized by the existence of two mechanisms of decision-making: on the one hand - international legal mechanism, on another – community based (developed in law of the European Union). Integration process on the former Soviet Union territory is generally defined by the international legal characteristics and as a result by the international legal mechanism of decision-making.


Commonwealth of Independent States, intergovernmental cooperation, delegation of powers, integration community, sovereign states, European Union, Lisbon contract.


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