Vandalism as object preventive effects

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Candidate for Ph.D. (Law) at the Federal State Institution "All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation".


Vandalism involves serious financial, material and social expenses. If first two positions don't raise doubts in the lines of experts who are engaged into the studying of vandalism, other takes place in brisk discussion. In Criminal code of Russian Federation, adopted in 1996, norm introducing responsibility for vandalism for the first time was adopted. It is caused not only by prevalence of this act, but also by variety of forms in which it is shown. In the conditions when practically all aspects of life in Russian society are reforming, formation of democratic constitutional state and fight against crimes encroaching public order gains special relevance and importance. Specified circumstances were considered by the legislator while developing legal measures of counteraction to these types of crimes and found direct reflection in the criminal law existing today.


crime, Criminal code, Сriminal code of Russian Federation, vandalism, precautionary influence, criminal and legal assessment, Russia, Russian Federation.


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