Public danger of hooligan actions: problems of the criminal legislation realization

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Ph.D. (Law)


Degree of hooliganism public danger and corresponding administrative offense is defined by the nature of actions made by the guilty. To the objective signs characterizing small hooliganism now a day, belongs destruction or damage of someone else's property. This sign is an alternative in relation to other actions in public places like swearing, accost, and annoyingly solicit. Respectively legislator defined in law nature of actions reflecting violation of public order. They include: 1) swearing in public places; 2) offensive accost to citizens; 3) destruction or damage of someone else's property. In our opinion, the same actions can be characterized in violation of public order if it was conducted with the use of weapons or things used as such.


hooliganism, Criminal Code, crime, administrative offense, hooliganism, socially dangerous act, safety.


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