Formation of the magistrates' court justice system in the Republic of Tyva

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  • Alexander A. Galushkin - Associate Professor at the Department of Judicial Authority, Law-Enforcement and Human Rights Activity of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia; Scientific worker at the Moscow State University of Psychology & Education; Independent Expert for the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.
  • Aylana Ay-B. Soskal - Master of Laws; Legal Assistant.

In the present article authors consider historical and legal bases of the institute of the magistrates' court in Russian Empire formation, and then in RSFSR / Russian Federation on an example of the Republic of Tyva. Authors present provisions regulating questions of judicial sites creation and establishment of the justice of the peace positions of magistrates' court. Information on quantity of positions of justice of the peace and judicial sites in each of 10 municipal areas of the Republic of Tyva is presented. Authors analyze and compare Constitution of the Republic of Tyva provisions, legislation of the Republic of Tyva and federal legislation of Russian Federation, and also a number of social, economic and demographic indicators. Authors discuss some plans of regional legislator, and represent own opinion on the condition of the institute, its competences and needs for harmonization of federal legislation and legislation of subject of Federation.


justice, magistrates' court, justice of the peace, differentiation of powers, legal regulation, legal status, Republic, Federation, Tyva, Russia, Russian Federation.


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