The basic principles and the purposes of non-governmental organizations creation and activity in the Republic of Tajikistan

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  • Alexander M. Volkov - Honored worker of the higher education of the Russian Federation, Associate Professor at the Department of Administrative and Financial Law at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Ph.D. (Law), Ph.D. (Technical Sciences).
  • Galibdzhon B. Sanavvarov - Candidate for Ph.D. (Law) at the Department of Administrative and Financial Law at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

In the present article authors in detail present concept and essence of the basic principles of various types of public associations in the Republic of Tajikistan creation and activity, and also, define main objectives of their activity in various organizational and legal forms presented in current legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan. Authors, along with provisions of law consider opinion of experts in the field. Authors emphasize that public associations are created on the basis of such principles as: voluntariness, equality, self-governance, legality, publicity and in spite of the fact that these principles are not given in detail in the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, they, nevertheless are fundamental for any public organization, including political party and in its essence is a form of control over state actions by people and society and is an effective instrument of insuring direct participation of people in organization and activity of public authorities and municipal government.


principles, purposes, public association, law, state, formation, subject, Constitution, Tajikistan, creation, activity.


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