Problem of Supranational and the Sovereignty of Member States of International Organizations

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Doctor of Law; Professor at the Department of International Law of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.


In the present article "Problem of Supranational and the Sovereignty of Member States of International Organizations" author investigates problems of supra-national and sovereignty of the international organizations member states. Author presents her point of view on the question of supra-nationalitry of the international organization and that it does not lose relevance in the century of globalization when countries in struggle for achievement of their purposes are compelled to transfer certain circle of questions to the international organizations. Various aspects are considered in detail, author gives examples of legal regulation of the legal status for a number of supranational international organizations, gives an example of the Constitutive treaty of the European association of coal and steel of 1951 (EOUS). In the end of the article author draws own conclusion that over the state there is no, and there can be no supranational power and also gives justification of this point of view.


European Union, sovereignty, member-states of the European Union, integration, authority, supranational, international organization.


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