Some questions of the UN activities in the field of cultural rights protection

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Candidate for Ph.D. (Law) at the Department of International Law of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.


In the present article author discuss questions of human rights protection, and also analyzes mechanisms of cultural human rights protection in the United Nations (UN) system. Author describes UN structure, and also gives some examples of procedures in the relevant committees. Questions of observers work and their legal status, including questions of the mandate-holders legal status and activity regulation by the agement for special procedures and the Code of Conduct for Special Procedures Mandate-holders are considered. Author gives special attention to the analysis of the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights activity. Powers of Independent experts in the field of cultural rights are considered in detail and legal assessment is given. On a number of questions in the legal status of certain subjects in Russian Federation author provides opinions of experts. Opinions of different experts, scientists, specialists in the field are given.


human rights, cultural rights, UN, protection of rights, human rights activity, availability, libraries, museums.


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