Ciminological characteristic of personal features of vandals by the criminal legislation of Russian Federation

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Candidate for Ph.D. (Law) at the Federal State Institution "All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation".


Over time manifestation of teenage vandalism amplifies, solvability of crimes decreases, damage caused by teenagers to the state increases. Motives of vandalism are characterized externally by not having logical sense. They aren't connected with circumstances of a surrounding situation; occasions of vandalism commission are obviously inadequate to the specified criminal acts and their consequences. Complexity of modern social processes, aggravation of the interpersonal relations, general instability, criminalization, need of money in considerable part of the population, moral and ethical crisis of society, division of society into striations negatively influence society as a whole and especially its most vulnerable part - teenagers. In the above article questions of vandalism problem is presented and discussed. Main dividing differences of vandalism from hooliganism should be carried out on signs of the objective and subjective parties of the specified criminal actions: nature dangerous actions and their consequences, situation of commission of these acts characteristics and motives by which guilty was guided are discussed in detail.


vandalism, hooliganism, vandal, criminal punishment, law, crime, destruction of monuments of history, moral.


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