Private arbitration courts jurisdiction

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Legal Adviser of the Regional Economic Researches Institute.


Present article is devoted to the problems of private arbitration court’s jurisdiction in Russia. Though the state also recognizes alternative jurisdiction in the form of the arbitration courts, however still treats it circumspectly as cases considered as mandative, public (administrative) is within the exclusive competence of the state courts. Observed mistrust to alternative forms of the legal proceedings, expressed in exclusiveness of the rights of the state on regulation of various relations and occupations, dooms it to wastefulness and inaction in groundless hope on the exaggerated talents of officials, citizens meanwhile are induces to irresponsible insistence and at the same time to indifference to common causes. Recognition of the private arbitration court’s jurisdiction doesn't contradict the constitutional act, but on the contrary substantially and completely connects to it and enters into the constitutional prospective. Author draws the conclusion that the state, for the general wellbeing, has to compete with the public mechanism of self-regulation, private arbitration courts being a part of which.


arbitration court, arbitration legal proceedings, alternative jurisdiction, jurisdiction criteria, dispute on the right, legal regulation, Russia, Russian Federation.

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