1 Sergey R. Chedgemov Development of State Legal Relations in Alania-Ossetia and Acculturation in XIII-XYIII of Centuries
2 Andrey O. Kuznecov Problems of Freedom of Worship in Political Institutionalization
3 Svetlana A. Ivanova Justice, Legislation, Law: To the Question of Concepts Ratio
4 Olga M. Mesheriakova Concept of the "Domestic Europe" and Principle of Subsidiarity as Basis of European Integration
5 Anna S. Besedina Legal Responsibility of Veterinarians, Veterinary Clinics and Municipal Authorities for Rules About Veterinary and Sanitary-Epidemiologic Wellbeing of Population Violation
6 Alexander M. Volkov Conflicts in the Field of Subsurface Use Taxes Administration and Payment
7 Ludmila J. Grudtsina Middle Class and Civil Society in Russia
8 Viktor V. Malyshev European Experience of Counteraction to Extremism
9 Alain Koumda The President of the Republic, the Parliament and the Law in Cameroon following the Constitutional Act of 18 January 1996
10 Nikolay G. By To the Question of Migration in Russian Federation and Legal Regulation of Migratory Streams
11 Olga B. Grebenyuk, Vladimir G. Bessarabov Protection of Housing Rights of Deceived Participating Shareholders in the Share Construction of Houses by Prosecutor's Office
12 Vasiliy O. Mironov Review of Alexander A. Galushkin monograph "Questions of citizenship and migration in Russian Federation at a turn of centuries (1991-2011)"
13 Lali A. Itiuridze Policy of Access to Information Management
14 Alexander M. Volkov Dynamics for Development of Legal Mechanisms in the Public Administration of Natural Resource Use
15 Zharadat Z. Omaeva Bases for Counteraction to Terrorism in Russian Federation: Organizational and Legal Aspect