Development of State Legal Relations in Alania-Ossetia and Acculturation in XIII-XYIII of Centuries

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Doctor of Education, Professor, Professor at the Department of Theory and History of the State and Law of the North Ossetia State University named in the honor of K.L. Khetagurov.


In this article from the new, not ideologized positions questions of development of state legal relations in Alania-Ossetia are considered and the acculturation tendency is allocated. As a result of the analysis of sources and literature on a research subject the author generalizes for the first time political and legal characteristics of development of the alanski-оssetian society in the XIII-XVIII centuries. It is shown that after defeat of Alania by Timur there comes regress of state legal relations in Alania, the main population was compelled to go to mountains. In the conditions of gorges of the Caucasus Mountains civil societies stand apart Ossetian, the alanski writing made on the basis of the Greek alphabet was lost, but many elements of a social and political system were kept and found the reflection in oral national creativity. In Alania-Ossetia on a place of traditional beliefs arise and Christian and Islamic religions get stronger. At the beginning of the XVIII century among all layers and societies of Ossetia the idea of accession to Russia which is realized by the Ossetian tsarevitch Zurab Magkayev holding in 1724 negotiations with Peter the Great for accession of Ossetia to Russia arises and gets stronger. As a result of accession Ossetia is involved in process of political and legal acculturation that well affects its people.


acculturation, legal culture, Alania, North Ossetia, international law, domestic policy, common law.

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