Middle Class and Civil Society in Russia

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Doctor of Law, Professor at the Department of Civil Law of the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Honorable Lawyer of Russia, member of Scientific and advisory council of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation.


In today's world , civil society should be understood as an interconnected system of social and political institutions that are independent from the government involved in public relations (economic, social, cultural, moral, spiritual, corporate, religious) arising between citizens while exercising their rights and freedoms and outside the political and private relations, but in the framework of national legislation. According to the author, an important factor in the formation of civil society in Russia is the state which often initiates institutes of civil society creation. At the same time feature of civil society lies in the fact that it cannot be created artificially, where there is no real freedom and its proper perception, where there is no understanding of its value. In the present article, author thoroughly justifies his point of view, gives own recommendations.


civil society, individual freedoms, middle class formation, developed social infrastructure, processes in society and in the state, relationship, interrelation, Russia, Russian Federation.

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