1 Mixail V. Fedorov Political and Legal Doctrine of Simon Bolivar
2 Lyubov F. Miloserdova Judicial Reform of the 1864 as a Stage of Russian Judicial System Democratic Development
3 Olga M. Mesheriakova New Provisions on an Order of Scientific Degrees Conferring and Prospects of Russian Education System Future Development
4 Ekaterina I. Gruzinskaya Features of Responsibility for Commission of Tax Crimes Regulation under the Criminal Legislation of England
5 Sergey V. Bochkarev Influence of French Enlightenment Ideology on the Constitutionalism Formation
6 Dzhamal R. Pashtov Legal Monitoring of Regulations by the Prosecutor's Office (State and Prospects)
7 Olga L. Chechko To the Question of Personnel Policy in Divisions of Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation
8 Elena P. Ermakova International Commercial Arbitration in Bolivia
9 Elena P. Ermakova International Commercial Arbitration in Venezuela
10 Elena V. Sitkareva, Stanislav V. Trofimchuk To the Question of the Russian Federation Law "About the International Commercial Arbitration" Сhanges
11 Alexander S. Gribov, Mikhail N. Kaplin Norms on Official (Service) Crimes in the Criminal Code of the RSFSR (Year 1922): Technique of Basic and Differentiating Signs Constructing
12 Pavel A. Byshkov Right of Lifetime Inheritable Possession of the Land Plot under the Legislation of the Russian Federation
13 Alexander A. Knyazkov, Sergey D. Brazhnik Exceeding of Official Powers (Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation): Identification and Analysis of Signs of Object and Victim
14 Nazar Ch. Saparov To the Question of the Minority Shareholders Rights Protection in the Russian Federation
15 Alexandra A. Dorskaya Legal Regime of the Religious Purposes Property: Methodological Features of Studying
16 Nina V. Volodina Activity of the Islamic Radical Organization "Muslim Brotherhood" in the Countries of Arab World and Other Countries of the World
17 Ludmila J. Grudtsina Civil Society as a Self-Organizing Social System and the State: Some Objections to the Hegel Concept
18 Vasiliy V. Chernyshov Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Law-Enforcement Activities for Protection of Citizens Rights on Favorable Environment
19 Pavel A. Matveev Positive Legal Responsibility in the Family Law
20 Nikolay K. Potockiy Russian State Functions Carrying in the Field of Criminal Prosecution