Activity of the Islamic Radical Organization "Muslim Brotherhood" in the Countries of Arab World and Other Countries of the World

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Doctor of Law; Professor; Professor at the Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation.


Present article author examines the religious ideology of Islamic radical organization "Muslim Brotherhood" and their activities on an international scale. Islamic radical organization "Muslim Brotherhood" has an extensive network and offices in many countries around the world. The paper attempts to examine legal and illegal activity of the "Muslim Brotherhood", as well as the legal status of this organization. Author researches doctrines of the "Muslim Brotherhood" and concludes that the "Muslim Brotherhood" doctrine is the Muslim way of development based on Islamic democracy. Author draws attention to the fact that the ultimate goal of the "Muslim Brotherhood" is considered a return to Islamic law based on the Koran, but "Muslim Brotherhood" is in opposition to the ruling regime. Often their opposition is expressed by the "Muslim Brotherhood" very radically, up to participation in the armed struggle against government (in particular, in Syria during the reign of Hafez al-Assad). Author emphasizes that in some countries (e.g., Jordan, Kuwait) "Muslim Brotherhood" conduct quite legitimate political activities. In conclusion, author concludes that, taking into account international activities of "Muslim Brotherhood" and similar international organizations, it appears to be reasonable to develop international legal mechanisms to counter their extremist activities.


religious ideology, radicalism, Islamic way of development, Sharia, Islamic democracy, extremist organization, alafit, Islamic law, Islamic structures, Islamic justice, terrorism.


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