Civil Society as a Self-Organizing Social System and the State: Some Objections to the Hegel Concept

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Doctor of Law, Professor at the Department of Civil Law of the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Honorable Lawyer of Russia, member of Scientific and advisory council of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation.


In the present article author attempts by using different scientific methods used in synergy, to propose an alternative formula to the formula of Hegelian distinction of civil society and state, that are not as different and competing with each other systems as well as the necessary elements to each other converge single social system. This scientific idea is presented in an arithmetic progression in civil society - "mass", next level - the civil society itself, realizing itself, advancing and increasingly, next level – the legal state (ideal for which to strive). In this case, the state will not be the term, but the result in the formula. In the conclusion, author concludes that one can not ignore responsibility of authorities, seeking in the modern world to create institutes of civil society. Taking into account that this generally positive process can be used as a special instrument of government, including the effective management of the objective processes in society, where the presence of democratic prerequisites, no matter how weak they are, civil society inevitably grows up.


constitutional state, civil society, social system, government, management, constitution, legal culture, Hegel.


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