Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Law-Enforcement Activities for Protection of Citizens Rights on Favorable Environment

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Associate Professor at the Department of Judicial Authority, Law-Enforcement and Human Rights Activity of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


In the present article author discusses a number of organizational and legal aspects of intra specialization within the bodies of internal affairs (MVD Russia) for the protection of the rights of citizens to a healthy environment. Author examines historical background for the creation of specialized system as a part of Russian Interior Ministry in the face of controls to combat crime in the area of ​​environmental protection. Questions of the above units legal position is researched and confronted with goals and objectives. Author analyzes historical background for the specialized units to combat, investigation and prevention of crimes and offenses in the sphere of ecology and nature establishment and functioning as a part of the Russian Interior Ministry forces. Author focuses on the role of civil society in effectively implementing the MIA Russia their environmental functions. Spatial coverage of "green" police patrol (at any reasonable number of personnel) cannot match the capabilities of civil society. As the most effective source of information about current and upcoming acts of criminal nature are citizens ad their associations, organizations, the same time, author also explains the need for special operations conduct, for example such as "Jel", "Pervocvet", "Pyutina".


law-enforcement, police, ecology, nature protection function, civil society, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russia, Russian Federation.


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