1 Olga M. Mesheriakova Euroasian Integration Process and Effective Institutional Mechanism Creation Problems
2 Nina V. Volodina Islamic Extremist Organizations: "Al-Qaeda" And "Taliban" Activity in Russia and Abroad
3 Elena P. Ermakova Sources of Hong Kong Civil Legal Proceedings Legal Regulation
4 Alexandra A. Dorskaya State Confessional Relations: Problem of the Subject Structure
5 Andrey A. Solovev Features of the New Zealand Administrative Justice System
6 Diana I. Syrku Typology Of The International Judicial Act
7 Sergey V. Bochkarev Theoretical Legal Definition Of The Functional Constitutionalism In The Domestic Law
8 Alexander M. Volkov, M. Kh. Karimov Agency Of The President To The Republic Of Tajikistan On The Financial Control And Fight Against Corruption Of The Republic Of Tajikistan As The Public Subject Of The Responsibility Of Officials Legal Regulation
9 Veronika V. Lukina Legal Consequences Of The Notarial Certification Of Transactions With The Land Plots
10 Inga V. Pantyuxina, Lyubov Yu. Larina Accuracy Of The Place Of Crimes Determination As A Factor Of The Structure Of Special Part Of The Criminal Code Of The Russian Federation Preservation
11 Elena L. Alehina Dynamics Of The Financial And Economic Development In The Russian Empire Of The Second Half Of The XIX Century Legal Regulation
12 Alla V. Kareva Role Of The Law And Legal Knowledge In The History Of The Domestic State Development
13 Tatyana V. Averochkina To The Question Of Problems In The Legal Regulation Of The Lawful Activity In An Exclusive (Sea) Economic Zone Of Ukraine
14 Denis A. Nazarov Some Questions Of The Ideological And Political Variety Influence On The Development Of Civil Society
15 Alexander M. Solncev, Vagif B. Ibragimov Environmental Management And Subsurface Use: Problem Of The Legal Concepts Ratio
16 Zoya Sh. Matchanova To The Question Of The Religious Factor Of Terrorism Distribution In Russia
17 Valeriy V. Burdanov Historical And Legal Prerequisites Of The Cooperation Development In The Initial Stage Of New Economic Policy (1921-1925)
18 Farid A. Musaev On Expansion Of The Circle Of Norms Providing Special Types Of Release From Criminal Liability In The Chapter 22 Of The Criminal Code Of The Russian Federation
19 Elena V. Selina Prosecutor In The Criminal Trial (Conceptual, Organizational And Functional Aspects)
20 Gennadiy A. Torgashev Modern Questions Of The Legal Philosophy