Legal Consequences Of The Notarial Certification Of Transactions With The Land Plots

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Technical Worker Of The Notary Public Of The Vesyegonsky Notarial District Of The Tver Region


In the present article the legal consequences of the notarial certification with the land plots at the present stage are researched. Author considers purposes of the notarial certification as a key to increasing evidentiary force of the notarial act. Within a researched topic a draft of the Federal Law "On the notaries and notarial activity in Russian Federation" is analyzed. Author marks out that the certifying procedure has to giving to the notarial acts the legality presumptions and the reliability presumption. Special attention is paid to the analyses of the question of changes in the procedure of the state registration of rights for real estate and actions with it from February 1, 2014. For example the idea of refusal from legal examination of documents received for state registration under the notary certified contracts, which is directed on the avoidance of the public subject’s functions duplication during their activity conduct, rendering assistance in concern to the definition of their area of responsibility is discussed. Author emphasizes that state registration of rights for real estate and actions with it isn't capable to replace the notarial certificate of actions with land real estate as notary carries out those functions which the state registration can't execute, covering that stage of legal relationship emergence, that isn’t affected by the state registration.


transaction, notarial certificate of transactions, real estate, land plot, state registration of transactions, notary, notarial action.


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