1 Saidmagomed A. Ediev Mechanism Of Budgetary And Legal Regulation: Concept And Coverage
2 Alexandra A. Dorskaya To The Question Of The Legal Reform In Russian Federation Periodization
3 Natalya G. Semionkina Dynamics Of Social Legislation In Russian Empire In The Beginnings Of XX Century
4 Olga M. Mesheriakova National And European Law: Problem Of Implementation
5 Maksim V. Smolyarov Reforming Of The Penology System Of Russia At The Beginning Of The Xix Century: From The Ideas Of Catherine Ii To The Attempt Of Their Embodiment During Alexander I's Ruling
6 Aishat R. Kaitova Justice Of The Peace Foreign Experience Of Organization Comparative Legal Analysis
7 Ivan V. Shmelev Doctrine Of Good Administration: Elements And Their Contents On The Example Of The European Union Countries
8 Anastasiya S. Vasnetsova, Sergey V. Borisov Counteraction To The Extremist Activity – An Important Aspect Of Ensuring National Security
9 Denis G. Korovyakovskiy Innovative Approaches To The Development Of Pedagogical Systems: Theoretical Legal Approach
10 Dmitriy E. Nekrasov, Julia I. Makarova, Nina V. Volodina Constitutional Legal Regulation And The Reasons For The Legal Nihilism Existence In Modern Russian Society
11 Dmitriy A. Pashencev Influence Of The Private Law On The Institutes Of Civil Society Development
12 Elena V. Selina Criminal Protection Of The Criminal Legal Proceedings Lawful Procedure
13 Elena P. Ermakova, Elena V. Sitkareva Civil Legal Proceedings In The European Union Unification Within The Stockholm Program Of 2010 (2010-2013)
14 Yury M. Filippov Disciplinary Responsibility Of Judges And Judicial Employees In England And Wales
15 Sergey D. Belockiy International Legal Mechanisms Of Responsibility For The Harm To Climate Leading To Change Of The State Territory Formation
16 Pavel V. Agapov, Viktor V. Merkuriev "The Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant" (ISIL) In The System Of Threats To The National Security Of Russia
17 Nadezhda D. But, Stanislav V. Bazhanov Prosecutor's Office Role In The Process Of Ensuring Balance Between Private And Public Interests In The Conditions Of The Economic Activity Freedom
18 Viktor I. Pishhulin Classification Of Human Rights: Modern Approaches
19 Lyubov I. Rogacheva Features Of The Local Government Development In Pre-Revolutionary Russia
20 Nina V. Volodina Influence Of The Islamic Laws On The Constitutional Legal Regulation In The Countries Of The Middle East (On The Example Of Syria And Iraq)