1 Aishat R. Kaitova Specific Characteristics Of The Justice Of The Peace Institute In The Russian Federation
2 Olga M. Mesheriakova Globalization And Its Influence On The Development Of International Law
3 Anna N. Klimova To The Question On The Legal Status Of Commercial Organizations (The Short Story Of The Civil Legislation)
4 Elena L. Alehina Features Of Legal Regulation Of Financial Relations And Financial Policies Of The Russian Empire In The Second Half Of The Nineteenth Century
5 Olga N. Shpakovych, Sergey D. Belockiy The Role Of Soft Law Acts In The Mechanism Of Functioning Of International Organizations
6 Mariya Y. Katvickaya Features Of Legislation On The Bank Account Agreement Development
7 Tatyana I. Eremina University Court As An Element Of The University’s Legal Status In The Russian Empire
8 Nina V. Volodina Activity Of The Moderate And Radical Islamic Organizations In The European States
9 Pavel A. Byshkov Pledge Of The Land Plot Under The Law Of Continental Europe Countries And The Republic Of Kazakhstan
10 Makka I. Dolakova Legal Regulation Of The Public Financial Control In Russian Empire Of The Nineteenth Century
11 Natalja I. Jaroshenko Russian Model Of The Administrative Justice
12 Kseniya D. Okuneva Meaning Of The Term "Corruption Offense" As A Feature Of The Public Prosecutor's Supervision Over The Legislation On The Corruption Counteraction In The Municipal Governments Execution
13 Sergey V. Bochkarev Start Of The French Constitutionalism: Constitution Of 1791
14 Valeriy V. Burdanov New Economic Policy As A Period In The History Of The Domestic State And Law
15 Pavel A. Byshkov State Regulation Of Licensing In The Sphere Of Production Of Peat In Russian Federation
16 Evgeniya V. Loginova Features Of Civil Cases Consideration In The Magistrates Courts In The Russian Empire
17 Anton V. Yakovlev, Sergey S. Shakirov Sources Of Legal Regulation Of The International Commercial Arbitration In Egypt
18 Nikolay A. Chesnokov Concept Of The Public Safety In The Russian Federation As A Legal Measure Of The Educational Institutions (Organizations) Security
19 Nadezhda V. Dashkovskaya Features Of The Legal Practices Application In The Decisions Of The Township Courts In Russia In The Nineteenth Century
20 Alexandra A. Dorskaya Place Of Canon Law Of The Russian Empire In The System Io Humanitarian