1 Petr E. Zhigockiy Concept Of The Legal System Analysis
2 Nadezhda A. Igonina, Tatyana V. Ashitkova, Vladimir G. Bessarabov Definition And Realization Of The Priorities Features Of Public Prosecutor's Activity In The Sphere Of Rights And Freedoms Of The Man And Citizen Observance
3 Levan T. Chikhladze To The Question Of Concept And Signs Of The Local Government
4 Aleksey D. Maslov, Irina I. Maslova, Margarita J. Sadyrova Forms And Methods Of Modern Russian Youth Involvement Into The Electoral Process
5 Dmitriy A. Pashencev Influence Of International Financial And Economic Organizations On The Development Of Russian Law
6 Ksenia M. Belikova, Vladislav J. Ifraimov Civil And Arbitration Proceedings Unification In Russia: Relevance, Problems, Prospects
7 Alexandra A. Dorskaya Discussion On The Content Of The Concept "Legal Tradition" In The Russian Jurisprudence
8 Nina V. Volodina "Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant ("ISIL") As A Threat To The World Community
9 Dmitriy O. Ezhevskiy Legal Regulation Of Citizens Of The Russian Federation Participation In The Electoral Process At The Present Stage
10 Natalya O. Borisova Period Of Limitation Of Action On The Vindication Of The Real Estate
11 Oleg G. Solovev Subjective Signs Of The State Off-Budget Funds Inappropriate Expenditure Legal Analysis
12 Andrey O. Kuznecov Freedom Of Worship: Problems In Concepts Differentiation
13 Olga M. Mesheriakova European Union Customs Union And The Upgraded Customs Code Of The European Union
14 Elena S. Aleksandrova Secession Of Crimea: Search Of The New Theory Of Law On Secession
15 Alexander I. Travnikov Organizations And Services In The System Of International Aviation Navigation
16 Veronika A. Abakanova Designing Of The Concept Of Criminal Income Of Other Persons Legalization (Art. 174 Of The Criminal Code Of The Russian Federation) In The Context Of The Systems Theory
17 Alexandra V. Aleshina, Victoria A. Kosovskaya Modern Reforming Of Russian International Private Law: Revolution Or Evolution?
18 Valeriy P. Ivanskiy The Information-Quantum Concept Of The State In The Political And Legal Views Of J. Locke As A Reflection Of The Post-NonClassical Type Of Scientific Rationality
19 Anastasiya S. Vasnetsova, Sergey V. Borisov To The Question Of The Extremism Prevention
20 Ardak K. Kokeman, Zhakyp K. Asanov Current State Of Parties’ Reconciliation Institute In The Republic Of Kazakhstan