To The Question Of Concept And Signs Of The Local Government

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Doctor of Laws, Head of the Department of Municipal Law at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia


In the present article author examines concept and features of the local government, provided in three legal acts, which are significant for the development of local government in the Russian legal acts. The important factor, uniting these acts is that they all are contributed to the functioning of the local government on the principles of decentralization. A special role in the formation of a decentralized local government in Russia is played by the Russian Constitution, adopted by population vote on the December 12, 1993. Particular importance plays the provisions of Article 3 and 12 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation from 1993. Provisions of the Law "On the General Principles of Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation" dated October 6, 2003 No. 131-FZ in the definition of local self-government, based on the principles of constitutional democracy. Provisions, defining the local government in the European Charter of Local Self-Government of the October 15, 1985 focus on the implementation of the relevant local government public authorities. The Charter makes an emphasis on the organs (representative government), not on the institutions (mechanisms) of direct democracy. In conclusion, author underlines, that it is crucial to recognize that the municipal activities is based on the combination of local and state interests, cooperation of local governments and public authorities. Municipal authorities, by definition, cannot act outside of the general public policy management. They are endowed with the certain state powers, have a complex powers of state-imperious nature. So, the Charter make an emphasis on this fact, that local governments regulate substantial share of public affairs.


MSG, local government, municipality, municipal district, concept, signs, law, legal regulation.

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