"Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant ("ISIL") As A Threat To The World Community

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Doctor of Laws, Professor, Professor at the Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation


In the present article author examines illegal activities of ISIS. Territory of victorious monotheism is so-called by experts and proclaimed in June 2014 "Islamic state" with the original name of "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant", in other words "Caliphate" in a particular area of the modern states of Syria and Iraq. Founded illegally on the territory of the sovereign State of Iraq and Syria, "IS" with a sharia form of government, it is the first step of creating a global "caliphate", which do not recognize borders. Author notes that the creation of the "Islamic state", that poses a threat to the constitutional security of many countries of Asia, as well as the Russian Federation, both in terms of the "capture" of Islamic extremists and terrorists, and includes part of the territory of present Russia. Author concludes that: first, the creation of the world "Caliphate", no borders - the main goal of the Islamists, raising fears in the world, including the Russian Federation and the long term threaten to the country's sovereignty. Second, law enforcement authorities should be attentive to the problems that arose in the Russian Federation related to the Islamic radical organizations. Recruiters, Islamic radicals operate illegally in our country. Thirdly, important but insufficient measures taken, such as the steps to revive the Russian Islam the idea of a "single Russian muftiat", in particular to the Russian ummah was proposed "rigid vertical of power" and Sufism as a means of radicalism. Fourth, not enough attention is paid to the States to the Islamic States (IS) in the Russian Federation and analysis of the problems associated with the radical Islam, which is no longer seen as a phenomenon inherent only in the Arab world. Fifth, there are opposing views on the "IS".


Islamism, terrorism, religious extremism, Jihad, Salafis, caliphate, sovereign state, national security.

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