Legal Regulation Of Citizens Of The Russian Federation Participation In The Electoral Process At The Present Stage

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Doctor of Philosophy (Law), Associate Professor of the Department of Constitutional Law and Constitutional Legal Proceedings at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Assistant of the Deputy of the State Duma of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Member of the Moscow City Election Commission

In the present article author analyzes features of the current legislation about elections in the Russian Federation with the latest changes. We consider legal regulation of Russian citizens participation in the electoral process, as well as the role and importance of the state and its agencies as participants in the electoral process. Legitimacy of free and fair elections at all levels requires that they relied on a solid legal basis, created in the democratic rule of law. Ongoing in the Russian Federation reforms of the political and economic systems are designed through the democratization of all aspects of life to connect the interests of the individual and society, in fact, to put people at the center of social development, to provide them decent living conditions, freedom and the opportunity to participate in managing state affairs both directly and through their elected representatives. According to the author, in terms of democratization of state and society an important role is played by the polling relationships, based on the electoral law and the electoral process in the Russian Federation. In conclusion, author underlines that the distinguishing feature of the legal status of election commissions, government agencies, local governments, enterprises, organizations, institutions, media, as well as their officials is that they have the right to participate in the electoral legal relations strictly within their authority and cannot go beyond these powers, no matter what reasons motivated the necessity and expediency of actions that go beyond the law.


elections, referendum, Election law, electoral system, democracy, participants of the electoral process, power.

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