Конституционные основы гражданства Канады

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The present article examines the issues of legal regulation of the acquisition and loss of citizenship (nationality) in Canada as at present stage and in historical retrospective.  Author investigated and compared provisions of the Constitutional Act of Canada, the Law of Canada on nationality and citizenship, law-enforcement practice, including on the example of separate decisions of the courts of Canada and Great Britain, considers also decisions of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Presents the points of view of experts and practicians on activity of authorized bodies and officials in the sphere of granting nationality (citizenship) of Canada, including  the role of deputies justified (members of parliament).  The author expressed  its own point of view, the opinion on expediency of implementation of separate elements of legal regulation for the  questions of nationality and immigration in Canada in the Russian Federation found reflection in V.  Putin's message is reasonable.


Canada, nationality, citizenship, legal regulation, constitution, law enforcement practices, problems.