Основания приобретения и прекращения гражданства Канады, современная ситуация

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In the present article the author conducted comparative and legal research of the bases of acquisition of nationality (citizenship) of Canada and its termination at the present stage. Provisions of the current legislation of Canada in the nationality and immigration sphere as directly are stated, and indirectly raising questions of acquisition or the termination of nationality of Canada, opinions of jurists, deputies, human rights activists and other persons are presented. The author gives a qualitative self-assessment component of the legal regulation of the Institute of Canadian citizenship, as well as the organizational component of the operation of the competent authorities of the institution. Presented by the author's opinion about the feasibility of introducing the institution of social control and the further development of the institution of parliamentary control. The author substantiates the conclusion of the feasibility of implementing a single good practice functioning of the Ministry of Canadian Citizenship and Immigration to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.


Canada, nationality, citizenship, bases of acquisition, termination basis, control, legislation, practice, perspective.